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 The Last Green Valley

UMASS Extension


Innovative Regulatory Tools To Protect Natural Resources & Focus New Development

2009 GVI Annual Report

Fact Sheets

How Can GVI Help Your Town

#1 Smart Planning For Your Town

#2 Saving Land Saves Taxes

#3 Win-Win of Subdivision Design

#4 Funding Open Space in Connecticut

#5 Funding Open Space in Massachusetts

#6 Innovative Zoning Techniques - Overlay Districts

#7 Innovative Zoning Techniques - Transfer of Development Rights

#8 Innovative Zoning Techniques - Form-Based Zoning

#9 Villages and Town Centers

#10 Commercial Development with Character

#11 Commercial Development Site Planning

#12 Commercial Development Architectural Standards

#13 Commercial Development Signage Standards

#14 Commercial Development Lighting Standards

#15 Commercial Development Landscape Standards

#16 Community Involvement

#17 Selecting Trees Along Our Streets and Roads

#18 Plant Recommendations for Constructed Wetland Sites


Your Family Land: Legacy or Memory


Design Guidelines for Commercial Development, Coventry, CT

Design Guidelines, Willimantic Business District

Working with Landowners on Conservation Issues

Co-occurring Resource Inventories in the Last Green Valley